"Action Nose Strips" xoxo


Hi Lovies!
Let’s talk blackheads! Say whut?! Jup, blackheads, they are tiny little black dots that you can find on your nose. Most of the time these blackheads are full of dirt and oil. Ugh! So not ladylike! So how to get rid of all of the dirt, oil and other pore clogging debris from the Nose areas? Nose strips!
I tried out the Action nose strips, which are very budget €0,98!! Yay!

Due to the adhesive properties of the moistened/activated strips the impurities in your pores can be easily removed. The result can be seen instantly as you remove the strip.

How to use it

  1. Wash your face and make sure there is no makeup or moisturizer left on your skin. 
  2. Wet your nose with a generous amount of water. 
  3. Dry your hands and remove the transparent film on the nose strip.
  4. Apply the round contoured section in the middle of the pack to the tip of nose. Stick pack closely onto skin.
  5. To get the best result, you should wet the nose strip again after applying it on your nose.
  6. Wait for 10-15 minutes and make sure the strip is completely dry.
  7. Remove the dried strip very slowly (!)
  8. Use about once a week.

Suitable for All skin types

I absolutely love the effectiveness of the Action nose strips! I promise you, these things work! I can’t show you a picture of how much dirt the strips removed from my nose because that would be absolutely gross:p

I have been using the Action strips for months and I can honestly say that they work better than the more expensive onces I tried in the past!

The package contains 6 strips, which lasts about 1,5 month.

You can get these strips in the ACTION stores.

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"Peacock Outfit" xoxo


Hi Lovies!

I'm absolutely not a Fashion blogger, I just don't have the Fashion microbe in me.. But nevertheless I wanted to share my bright and Peacock-inspired outfit of the day!

I Love wearing bright colors, especially when it's a sunny day!


I found this beautiful piece of jewelry on Ebay for just a few euros. I just had to have it! I Love the variety of colors and the gorgeous details. Stunning!

A while ago I bought a few H&M items and this is how I combined them with some blue accessories.

Btw: noticed the difference in hair color? I used to have very red hair, but I used a product that removed the red in my hair and this is the final result. I kinda like that it's lighter and brighter. After all, it's summer! 

The Peacock is one of my favorite animals due to the fact that it's such a beautiful and proud animal. So wearing this piece of jewelry is kind of a statement! Do I need to say more?;)

A beautiful and big H&M ring: a real eyecatcher!

Last but not least, the shoes! I decided to wear some comfortable sandals. Comfy but due to the overload on bling, they're glam as well! What else?

  • Harem Pants: H&M
  • Blue Ring: H&M
  • Blue Tanktop: H&M
  • Shoes: Exit
  • Peacock Necklace: Ebay

Since I have exams, I left the city for the countryside (home with mom). Now I fill my days with making smoothies and trying to open a book once in a while. At the end of June I will be able to post more articles. So bare with me! 

I hope you enjoyed watching the Peacock outfit!

Until Next Time!



"L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Essence"


Hi Lovies!

I’m back with L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening Essence! Say whut?

One of the best reviewed skin brightening products is L’Occitane’s Immortelle Brightening Essence. It’s a serum that corrects wrinkles, evens skin tone and brightens the complexion. Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading!

L’Occitane introduced their Brightening line a few years ago, and the Brightening Essence has been one of the most popular products in the line. It’s a lightweight serum that is supposed to correct wrinkles, even skin tone and brighten the complexion. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and the prognosis is I love it!

While I don’t have significant pigmentation issues, I read a few reviews from fellow beauty bloggers that claim that this product works very well on red or dark spots and unevenness left from acne. 

I don’t get a lot of breakouts, but when I do, I have marks on my face for weeks, grrrmbbl! Luckily, the Immortelle essential oil, one of the main ingredients in the Brightening Essence is particularly good for healing damaged skin.

In addition to immortelle essential oil, Brightening Essence contains Daisy extracts and a Vitamin C derivative to diminish age spots and give skin a youthful glow. After using this serum for a few days I instantly noticed that the redness from my acne marks cleared up much faster than usual. Sweet!

The scent reminds me of fresh flowers and the texture of the serum is very light. It’s water-based, so it’s very fresh instead of greasy or sticky. This essence is well presented and packaged in a dropper bottle - which is very sanitary - and dispenses the right amount with one squeeze. 

If you’re treating significant pigmentation issues or sun damage, I would use it morning and night for best results. 

It’s a serum, so a little bit goes a long way. The serum is not cheap, at €43 for 30ml, but I think it’s worth it since you get firming and anti-wrinkle benefits as well as the brightening effects. 

I would definitely recommend the Brightening Essence!

You can purchase the L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Essence in the L'Occitane shops.

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Previous post about L'Occitane: L'Occitane Day Cream

"Primark Lip Smackers" xoxo


Hi Lovies!

Are Lip Smackers really just for children and pre-teens? Hell naww! I say more power to the women who use Lip Smackers! They are just so fun to have and collect!

Today I will be reviewing some Coca Cola and Mint Lip Smackers from Primark. Here are the ones I received: Coca Cola, Coca Cola Cherry, Fanta, Sprite and a duo pack with mint Lip smackers.

We know they’re cute, but are they efficient as well? Time to do the test!

Lasting power
All of the Lip Smackers have great lasting power. They do a wonderful job at hydrating your lips and keep your lips looking soft and smooth. While it doesn't last all day, Lip Smackers only need to be applied a few times a day. Not bad at all!

I have to admit, the first thing I wanted to try out were the different flavors that come with the Lip Smackers. After doing some testing I found that the Coca Cola flavors were a bit artificial. You do recognize all of the flavors very well, but to me the flavors were a bit candy-like. So if you like candy, these Coca Cola Lip Smackers are definitely for you!
The duo pack Lip Smackers are mint flavored and smell and taste very fresh. I Love them!

I'm in my early 20s and don't care for glosses that have weird colors, like brown (Coca Cola) or bright orange (Fanta). So I was very happy to see that all of the Lip Smackers are rather sheer. A great plus!

The Primark Lip Smackers are very affordable. In fact, the Coca Cola Lip Smackers are €2 a piece and the Duo with mint Lip Smackers are only €1. What can I say, very budget!

Satisfaction Rating
I think the Primark Lip Smackers are a beauty stash musthave! I usually keep one in the bathroom, one next to the bed and several in my purse. I like for my lips to stay nice and hydrated. 
If you're a Lip Smacker fan, just like me, you'll want to go to your nearest Primark and buy a large set of Lip Smackers so you'll always have a tube in easy reach!
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"Jerome Alexander DUO" xoxo


Hi Lovies!

Excuse me for the lack of posts yesterday, but I’m studying for my exams. It’s hard to find the time to study AND write beauty articles. But hey, today I’m back!

My new partners in crime beauty are the Jerome Alexander face primer and concealer. To be honest I never heard of this brand before, so I was very curious to try out some of their products. After using these products for the last couple of weeks I became a fan! They are the perfect accessories for your Stackables collection, giving you the perfect base for your foundation, and helping you to mask tired eyes or dark spots. 

Liquid Silk Under Make-Up Primer 

First the primer! They call it a (15ml) liquid silk under makeup primer and yessir, this primer is so soft and light that it feels like you just applied pure silk on your skin. It’s a real skin treat if you ask me!

The Jerome Alexander’s Liquid Silk Under Make-Up Primer is the ultimate development in under make-up moisturisers. The hydrating, fast absorbing formula creates a protective film over your skin, balancing it out and leaving a smooth even canvas for your foundation. 

The packaging is very fabulous and looks like a product from a very high-end brand. Another great plus is that the primer is odorless and you don’t need much to gain a good result.

Under Eye Concealer 

The other awesome product I received was the Jerome Alexander under eye concealer. They claim it’s for under your eyes, but I use this to conceal dark spots and pimples as well. So to me this is just a general concealer. Again, the packaging looks very luxurious and high-end, which is a great plus. 

Jerome’s Under Eye Concealer combines vitamin E and shea butter(!) to create a creamy smooth texture which evenly blends with your skin. Discolorations and imperfections are noticeably reduced, while a hint of brightness helps to lift tired-looking eyes or conceal dark spots.

The concealer looks like a lipstick so it’s small enough to put in your makeup bag on the go (which I did). This little fella has become part of my handbag stash and is definitely staying there!

The primer and concealer can be bought separately or in a duo (€17,99 for the duo).

If you’re interested in trying out some of the Jerome Alexander products, I recommend you visit the JML webshop and take a look at the beauty products they have to offer.

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"Fashionbox" xoxo


Hi Lovies!
NL: Vanaf vandaag is Beautyland een nieuw concept rijker: de Fashionbox. Dit is een box vol met de nieuwste beauty en fashion musthaves. Sounds great!
Fashion en beauty liefhebbers kunnen zich voor € 14,95 abonneren op de Fashionbox waarna zij de luxe cadeaubox met 6 leuke verrassingen maandelijks gratis thuisbezorgd krijgen. Je zit nergens aan vast want je kunt maandelijks opzeggen. Maar wanneer je eenmaal een Fashionbox hebt ontvangen is de kans heel klein dat je dit wilt opgeven! Want wie wil er nou niet elke maand verwend worden voor een klein bedrag met luxe musthaves? Am I right? 

Voor de fashion items kan gedacht worden aan accessoires, sieraden, magazines en cadeaubonnen voor webshops. De beauty inhoud van de box zal variëren van huidverzorging tot nagel- en haarverzorgingsproducten. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan een lekkere bodylotion, een serum voor je haar en een nagellak in de nieuwste trendkleur. Naast deze items ontvangen Fashionbox leden ook exclusieve kortingen in diverse webshops. Fashionbox is een leuk cadeau voor jezelf maar je kunt natuurlijk ook je moeder, zus of vriendin ermee verrassen!
Wil je steeds als eerste op de hoogte zijn van alle nieuwste trends op het gebied van mode en beauty, bestel dan vanaf vandaag je eerste Fashionbox via www.fashionbox.nl. 
Leuk weetje: er worden geen extra verzendkosten aangerekend! 
Onder de eerste 100 aanmeldingen wordt een gratis jaarabonnement verloot en via Facebook maken fans kans op een XXL Fashionbox.

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"Weleda Almond Soothing Cream" xoxo


PS: Since I don't have the time to write an article every single day (Exams!), I decided to publish some of my old articles. Enjoy!

Hi Lovies!
Do you love almond? Because I DO! Think of it as your best friend for your sensitive and irritated skin!
This time of year sweet almond is especially helpful – seasons are almost changing and your skin may or may not be too impressed by this. This natural cream arrived on my doorstep just as my skin needed it most. At the turn of every season my skin goes through a bit of an identity crisis and this time has been no different, with my face deciding to become quite dry and more sensitive than usual.

Luckily the sweet almond’s delicate oil, a miracle of nature, is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E—ingredients my skin welcomes because they’re soothing and kind. Together, they calmed my  sensitive skin, reducing irritation and redness while they restored its natural balance.

This natural cream was very gentle and well tolerated by my sensitive skin. The next day my skin was left looking and feeling soft and hydrated like a newborn baby!  A definite winner for me.’
PS: The formula is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, so it’s perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

After trying out the Weleda Soothing Almond cream I am excited and curious to try the rest of the products from their almond skin care range!

  • The light version is perfect for day and night (sensitive and mixed skin)
  • The rich version is also perfect for day and night (sensitive and dry skin)

The WELEDA PRODUCTS are available at Kruidvat (€12,55)

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"Salon Des Femmes" xoxo


Hi Lovies!

Deze keer een artikeltje speciaal voor mijn Belgische lezers! Yeaj!:D

Binnenkort is er een editie van 'Salon des Femmes', hét avondje uit voor Beauty Queens zoals wij!

Salon des Femmes is een stijlvol en informatief avondje uit waar een team van enthousiaste Beauty Professionals klaarstaat en je ontvangt met een drankje en een stijlvol hapje.

Stylistes, visagistes, personal trainers, schoonheidsspecialistes, kapsters ... laten je kennismaken met hun zaak en verwennen je ondertussen met een bijhorend 'proevertje': een mini-kleurenanalyse met passende make-up, een bodyanalyse, een handverzorging ...

Voor mij als Beautyaddict klinkt dit als muziek in de oren!

Ga naar http://www.salondesfemmes.be/ en schrijf je snel in! ♥ 

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"Sleek + NYX" xoxo


Hi Lovies!

Today I'm showing you my new favorite Beauty products! Come take a look!

Not sure why I haven’t tried NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils up until now but they just passed by my beauty radar for some reason. But winning a Giveaway on the site of my fellow beauty blogger was the perfect excuse for me to try out  this chubby little pencil.
This white creamy jumbo pencil is perfect for lining my eye’s waterline to give me an instant fresh look. Conclusion? The pencil is as NICE as everyone says It is! I’m on a cream kick!

Top Row L-R:  Bow, Organza, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz, Celebrate
Bottom Row L-R:  Pamper, Gateau, The Mail, Box, Wrapped up, Noir  

The Sleek Oh So Special Palette is a girl's dream.  I couldn't ask for a better variety of colors in a 12-color palette.  I've found myself using this every single time I apply makeup.  Whether it's a full eye look with just the shades in this palette or just using a shade or two in conjunction with other shadows, ever since this fellow joined my collection my other eye shadows have been collecting dust.

My Favorite colors?
Organza and Gateau!

Organza is a beautiful peachy, pink shade with gold shimmer and Gateau is a violet-pink with gold shimmer.

The only downsides to this palette is that Pamper has a rather chalk feeling to it and hasn’t got a good pigmentation, but other than that I Adore this palette!

You can get this palette at the Beyoutiful webshop for €7,95.

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"Man Repeller Or Propeller?" xoxo


PS: Since I don't have the time to write an article every single day (Exams!), I decided to publish some of my old articles. Enjoy!

Hi Lovies!

Today’s article is about men’s strong opinions when it comes to women's hair and makeup. It’s true, guys don't always agree on the looks we love. Some guys love long hair on women, others prefer short. Some adore the "no makeup" look, while others think a smoky eye is the ultimate in sexy. 

There are a few common trends though. Almost all guys hate following beauty trends:


Men hate it when a girl wears too much foundation. The trick is to conceal all of your imperfections without looking like you wear a mask. The way to do this, is using a concealer and only cover up dark circles or spots. But before you throw away your foundation, keep in mind that using a proper amount of foundation can give you that perfect look. So if you’re a foundation-loving girl (just like me!), keep rocking!

Reason why men don’t like this: Quote: "Honestly, I just don't want to be wiping off lipstick from my lips. Doesn't taste that great." 

Please excuse their ignorance. Red lipstick is a universal classic and has yet to go out of style. And with all the celebrities wearing this chic look, red lips are here to stay for another few seasons.


Guys feel a little intimidated by women with bangs. They feel like if the woman is unapproachable and is trying to hide something (Well, I hope It’s not acne girl!). Women with bangs usually know what they want and are very businesslike and focused.
No wonder men don’t like women with bangs, they just can’t handle a women with a strong personality. 


A bun can give the impression of ‘the housewife on the way to the supermarket look’, but when done correctly, a bun can be  "Fun, spontaneous and sexy." 


Once again, some men feel intimidated by women with a smoky eye. They’re just pussies. A confident man will find a smoky eye very seductive and mysterious.
The prospect of a smoky eye as a Man Repeller is fairly controversial. Done in moderation, the beauty trend can exude a certain Old Hollywood glam factor. No matter what your eye shape is, this sexy eye make-up will look fabulous on your face!

So If you currently wear a look on this list, should you change it? My answer: Hell no!  Let's be honest, the average guy doesn't know a whole lot about women's hair and makeup trends . Most men even struggle to make themselves look semi-presentable.  

Conclusion: Wear what you want and wear it with a smile!

Until next time!