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Sit back, relax and let me tell you the story of Ingo, Bart and Nele..

After missing their plane from Amsterdam Schiphol airport, Ingo, Bart and Nele spent the time waiting for the next flight, watching passers-by. They quickly noticed the appearance and posture of the departing and returning passengers. Returning passengers looked radiant, tanned and healthy, which had a positive effect on their posture.

Our busy, hectic lives and the limited hours of sun in our own country make it difficult to retain this holiday glow healthily. And if the sun should shine, you have to contend with harmful UV rays. With the hectic lifestyle, limited hours of sun and harmful UV on the one hand and the radiant retuning passengers on the other, the idea of the natural tanning spray was born: A healthy and safe way to have a natural holiday tan the whole year round.

Ingo, Bart and Nele mixed up their names and soon MARC INBANE was born! 

The natural tanning spray works quickly and simply. You can apply it yourself and the result is a healthy, naturally evenly tanned skin. The natural tanning spray lasts up to 5 days without marks, streaks or the infamous carrot-effect.

How to use?

The natural tanning spray has been developed for frequent use. Before use, shake the bottle well. Hold the bottle approximately 30 cm away from the skin and spray in a flowing motion. Allow the mist to dry for around 10 minutes. This can be speeded up by using a hairdryer. Pay special attention to knees, elbows, toes, etc.

The natural tanning spray lasts up to 5 days and one bottle is enough for up to 60 applications for the face and neck. You will find more tips on using the natural tanning spray below.  


A few tips for obtaining the best result:

  • Shake the bottle well before use
  • Remove any light-coloured clothing when applying the natural tanning spray
  • If the mist should get on the floor, the shower base, or on your clothing, it is easy to rinse off
  • Hold the bottle approximately 30 cm away from the skin
  • Spray the natural tanning spray steadily in a flowing motion from left to right, as you would with hairspray
  • When you apply the natural tanning spray over your whole body, work from top to bottom
  • Use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process (normally 10 minutes)
  • Before wearing light-coloured clothes, check that the natural tanning spray has thoroughly dried

Before using the Marc Inbane Tanning spray

After using the Marc Inbane Tanning Spray

After using the Marc Inbane Tanning Spray N°2

Safe and Healthy

The natural tanning spray meets the latest EU regulations for cosmetic products. It has been dermatologically tested and is used daily by hairdressers, skin specialists and beauticians.

Thanks to the natural tanning spray, you no longer need to come into contact with the harmful UV rays of the sun or the sunbed. The product is suitable for all skin types and for the whole body.

Natural Ingredients

The natural tanning spray is enriched with, vegetable-based, pure, nourishing ingredients, including Aloe Vera, Ginkgo and Vitamin E.

The tan?

I tried the Marc Inbane Tanning Spray two times now and I Love it! The tan is very natural and looks like you just came back from a week on the Costa del Sol. Just make sure you don’t use too much because the tan is rather strong. They claim the natural tanning spray bottle is enough for up to 60 applications for the face and neck. That’s a whole year of being tan! Nice!:D


The tanning spray contains the expensive ingredient erythrulose, which prevents the tan looking orange or yellow. Perfect!

The Price?

It’s a great price for the quality you’re getting €39,95 (200ml).


I Love this spray! The only thing I would recommend is something to apply the tan. But I think the people at Marc Inbane already heard my prayers.. They are coming up with a Marc Inbane gift set which also contains an application sponge.

Get your perfect fake tan at the Marc Inbane webshop!

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