"What On Earth is this Emotional Brilliance?" xoxo

Hi Lovies!

I’m back with some Emotional Brilliance! But what on earth is this Emotional Brilliance?

It all began with the Lush Spa..

Emotional Brilliance started life as a Spa treatment, inspired by their incredible Synaesthesia massage. Lush would ask the customer to pick the three emotions that they were feeling at that particular time. Then they matched specific colours to these emotions and gave the customer a makeover using lipsticks, eyeshadows and liners in those colours, all to help enforce these emotions.

Opening Lush Ghent!

This is how it works

Go to a Lush shop and spin the Emotional Brilliance wheel!

When the wheel stops spinning, immediately pick out the three colours that stand out to you. Not your favourites. Not what your friends like. The three that say something to you - right now.

You must choose the three colours that stand out to you the most. Remarkably, you will find that those colours are linked to your emotional feelings. When you wear them, you will represent that emotion or word because everything about your body language, your pupils, every nuance in you will convey that word.

The trick is to not think about it too much. I picked following colours: 

Believe, Fantasy and Vibrance.


Vibrance is a tangerine with shimmer. Vibrance can be used as an eyeshadow or lipstick, but I love to wear it as a lipstick. The colour is quite pigmented and mostly opaque, depending on how much you apply. I don't find this colour to be very staining, it can easily be wiped off.

The lipstick goes on smoothly and feels so comfortable and moisturizing when worn. I think that's the Jojoba oil coming into play. 


Fantasy is a liquid eyeliner that dries fairly quickly. I wouldn't consider it smudge proof (the glitter tends to migrate a bit), but the lasting power is amazing! I applied some in the morning and by evening it was still as bright as ever! I really love the diversity of this specific shade- it looks like gold foil when it dries!


Believe is a beautiful pink colour that I love to use on my lips and cheeks.
As a lipstick it is quite thick and really pigmented. It's more like a mix of lipgloss and lipstick. I read that the Emotional Brilliance lipsticks stain your lips, but this certain colour isn't as staining as some others.

As for blush I love it. It stayed on whole day and even after the evening my cheeks looked like I had just applied the blush on.

The colour doesn't run, minimum staining on glasses etc and feels moisturising. Colour suits my skintone which was my number one reason to get this one over anything else. Also it's very wearable versus all the brighter colours.

Overall, I consider the LUSH Emotional Brilliance to be a unique and fun line of color.  For me personally, I do understand the combination of colour and emotions. I’m always Happy when I see someone wearing a bright lipstick or beautiful eye look.

The line does carry a luxury price tag, which I did ponder for some time. But if you consider the fact that the products have a short ingredient list (which is important if you consider that we pretty much eat our lipstick),  it's a great way to try to go more natural with your cosmetics without sacrificing bold color.

Overall, I'd say this is worth a try next time you head to your local LUSH.

All the Emotional Brilliance products are vegan and animal cruelty free!

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