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Hi Lovies!

Are you getting depressed due to the lack of sun? No need to worry! Just brighten your makeup and make your own 'sunny summer' with the 2B Summer Collection! 

A while ago I received this cute little package from 2B! The content? 3 mega colour nail polishes, nail stencils and a mascara!

First up is this gorgeous 2B mascara in Mega Azure, a vibrant blue mascara that is perfect for summer. I know a lot of you ladies are 'scared' to use a blue mascara, but here are some pictures to show you that blue mascara doesn't need to be tacky or weird:

Oh ps: They say blue mascara makes the white in your eyes look brighter! So definitely give it a try.

The next product from 2B are some decorating nail stencils for your nails. Bring out the artist in you in 6 easy steps:

1. Clean your nails and select the nail polish you would like to apply
2. Apply the selected nail polish on your nail
3. When the polish is completely dry, chose a stencil and press down on the selected place on your nail
4. Apply another color of nail polish on the stencil
5. When the nail polish is dry, take off the stencil carefully
6. Apply 2B top-coat to seal the design

Easy as that!

Don't mind my nails, they need new gel!:p

How cute are these 2B nail polishes? I received N° 30 (Coral) and N°25 (Yellow). My favorite is the Coral one! The nail polish dries quick, but for the yellow one I needed two coats in order to cover my whole nail, so keep that in mind when you apply the polish. 

The last 2B product I received is a black crackle nail polish. Even though I'm not a huge fan of a crackle nail polish, I do think this nail polish does what it promises, it gives you beautiful crackled nail polish.

I love all these products, especially because they are easy to use, very budget and full of colour!

Mascara Colours make the Difference - €4.95
Nagellak Mega Colours - €3.25
Nailstencils - €2.49

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