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Hi Lovies,

Everyone loves a choice, but having to choose is not particulary fun, right?

Every year and even every season different beauty brands come up with the newest beauty trends, but having to choose between all of these products can be tough. Most of us find it hard to keep updated with all of the new trends. How do you know for sure that the product you’re choosing is right for you?
Wouldn’t it be great if you could try different products before having to buy them?

Deauty is your solution! Deauty stands for ‘Discover Beauty’. Deauty’s duty is to help women find their own beauty!

Deauty helps women to discover the newest and latest beauty products, they do the work for you! Deauty selects products from the best and international beauty brands and shares them with you!

Some of the beauty brands Deauty is working with!

Deauty: the 1st Beauty Box in Belgium!
Deauty offers beautistas the opportunity to sign up for a monthly selection of 4 to 6 beauty products (travel size) wrapped in a beautiful box. The box goes for €15/month.
For the early birds: Until the end of August you can sign up for this wonderful box on www.deauty.be!
Follow Deauty on Facebook (www.facebook.com/deauty.be) and Twitter (@deauty_be). Starting from September Deauty will launch their official website and everyone can sign up! 

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