"Lady's Secret - For your feet Only!" xoxo

Hi Lovies!

Ever heard of a feet savers? Well I have! And the name of this feet saver is Lady’s Secret!

This product is made for all of us women who love beautiful shoes but are tired of the pain and suffering when wearing your favorite pair of heels. High or low heels, Shoe Lovers can finally walk without pain!

For the comfort of your feet, the Groupe JLF has created Lady’s Secret, a fashionable product that makes painful feet a thing of the past. You and Your shoes deserve better Lovie!

I tried out the Lady’s Secret “No Pain” and “No Crash” insoles in the colour “Strawberry”and here is my experience

I always loved high heels, but never the pain that comes with them.. 
When wearing heels, almost every time I got blisters and painful feet. Lately I avoided wearing heels, so my beautiful shoes were just standing in my closet.. what a waste!

When receiving the Lady’s Secret insolesI was a bit sceptic but when wearing them for the first time I instantly became a fan! The insoles are so comfortable to wear and definitely make wearing heels a pleasant experience! The insoles are totally invisible which is obviously a must. A great invention!

Finally I can wear high heels without having to suffer the whole day (or night)!

The “No Crash” (€11,95) anti-skid insole can be worn in open shoes, prevents feet from slipping forward and keeps your feet dry and improves comfort.

The “No Pain” (€7,95) heel protector provides considerable relief from pain and protects against blisters. They also protect stockings and pantyhose.

All of the Lady’s Secret items come in 4 different colours: Strawberry, black, caramel and light grey.

To see the whole Lady’s Secret collection, visit the Lady’s Secret website.

It is simply a must have in your shoes and clutch!

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